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The Jagertje is one of the Restaurant/Bar in The Hague and has been a household name for centuries. The inn the Jagertje existed since 1653 and the Jagerstraat is named after the inn.


Het Jagertje has a rich history. For decades it has been a decent men's club, where Prince Hendrik also regularly stayed. Located on the picturesque Jagerstraat in the cozy Neighborhood 2005 in The Hague, we would like to offer you a culinary surprise. You can enjoy jazzy live performances every Thursday evening.


Duco Karssen, our new chef, has been working as a chef for 5 years. His wish is to make a trip around the world with the restaurant. He will give you this experience through selected combinations of wines and food from different parts of the world. Based on his experiences within the hospitality industry and good contacts with suppliers, he is keen to deliver a great evening with his excellent team. Our team radiates energy and passion for the profession. You will taste this in the fantastic menu with carefully selected wines by our sommelier.

Curious? Then come quickly to enjoy an evening in our new restaurant.

Live music

The Jagertje wants to bring jazz back to The Hague. That is why we weekly have live music. The live performances will of course mainly be jazz, but of course we sometimes have another genre. We want you to have a great meal while enjoying a jazzy singer, a groovy trio or a great pianist. Like us on Facebook and we will keep you informed every week about our programming. Or check the planning here.


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Name : Jagertje
Phone : 070 - 216 16 36
E-mail : info@jagertje.com
Address : Jagerstraat 6, Den Haag

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